The Keep of Vanoise by Ted Gore

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The Keep of Vanoise by Ted Gore

New Workshop** I’m joining forces with TJ Thorne Photography for a workshop in Oregon during Autumn 2017. It will be a tour of 3 of Oregons 7 wonders, some of the most sought after photography locations in the world. If you’d like more info, CLICK HERE. Want to learn my processing techniques? Check out my videosHERE. There’s even a free one! This is an image from an area of the Vanoire National Park in the French Alps, taken during my visit there last summer with Erin Babnik after she and I lead our workshop in the Italian Dolomites. We headed out for some personal shooting, and during some prior research of the area, the appearence of the fin-like peak of Vanoise really appealed to me. The valley below turned out to be quite picturesque with a waterfall plummeting right into the valley resulting in a curvy glacial stream cutting through green meadows. The valley is also home to many goats, their human like screams echoing agains the walls hugging the valley. I laughed everytime, reminded of the hilarious memes from a couple years ago of goats singing pop hits like Whitney Houstons ‘I will always love you’. If you haven’t seen it, seriously, go watch it now, and imagine me snapping away at this scene as the french goats serenaded us.

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