The Colours Of Durdle Door by The Narratographer

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The Colours Of Durdle Door by The Narratographer

It isn’t often that you get a beautiful red sunset over Durdle Door. The weather on this little part of the coast can be completely different to how it is just a mile or so inland. But the skies looked promising as I made the drive down to the coast and I was sure that when I got there, there might be something worth photographing.
What I did find when I arrived was that the place was absolutely deserted. Durdle Door at sunset is usually littered with photographers, all standing in the same place to get the same shot and it makes life difficult for those of us who want to get a shot of something other than a close up of the ‘door’. Seriously, they all stand in the same place, like lemmings, all trying to get that one shot. Sometimes I just watch them, all standing there and never moving to get a different composition. Some of them can be there for hours. Still, on this occasion, the place was empty.
That was until Kevin started to make his way down the hill. I didn’t know Kevin at the time, but we got chatting and he seemed like a really nice guy. From North Wales, near Snowdon in fact, he had ventured down here for a training course and decided to photograph some of the local places whilst here. How I could have done with him when I was up in Snowdon a week or so back…

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