Vestrahorn’s Rage by Patrick Marson Ong

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Vestrahorn’s Rage by Patrick Marson Ong Stokksnes peninsula is one of Iceland’s must-see spots. Located just 15km from Höfn, it is the home of a uniquely shaped mountain, Vestrahorn. So glad that I was able to join 👉 photography workshop last March. 👌 This area has a ton of potential. Choose from waves, tide-pools, sand dunes or rock formations. I tried to come up with something different from the usual. Waiting for that perfect 🌊. Didn’t clone out the photographer on the far left of the frame to show the scale of this place. Have a great weekend!
Taken with a NiSi Filters V5 CPL and NiSi .9 GND Soft Edge.

Patrick Marson Ong: Photos

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